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Contact Jarek
: 577474196
: Lublin, Lubelskie
: 150,000.00 PLN
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A beautiful red Volvo in a very good condition. It was manufactured in the Volvo Goteborg production site. The model has an interesting design as it was produced under the sport line. The engine power is of 100KM. The car has seat belts, additional storage space behind the back seat, the front bumpers are in the shape of "cow horns". The engine is powered by two SU HS6 carburetors contributing to the impressive maximum speed of the car, which is 166 km/h.

The car had two owners in the UK and in 2006 was registered as a historical car. The car possess 90% of original parts, it has been professionally restored. It is in a fully working condition.

Easy register in any EU country, no need to pay import taxes (good bargain before the Brexit will officially take place)

The buyer is to arrange own pick up (the car is located in Lublin, Poland).

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of more questions.

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